Yoga at Work

Looking to increase satisfaction and engagement at your workplace?

More and more Organizations are embracing Yoga in their workplaces as a valuable benefit for their employees and teams. Studies have shown that practicing Yoga has measurable benefits ranging from the physical: lowering heart rate, improving cardiovascular health, and increasing energy, to the mental: reducing stress, relieving anxiety and depression, and improving focus. Offering Yoga and Meditation either on-site at your office or through a partnership with HYS here in Harlem can be a wonderful way to support your employees, and improve your organizations' satisfaction and sense of connection.

On -Site Classes at Your Workplace 
We offer a variety of services for your organization tailored to your employees needs, and the structure of your workplace.

Open Level Class
Classes will be Open Level, and tailored to your attendees preferences and experience level.

Duration: 55 minutes.

One Class: $200 (up to 20 attendees/$15 each additional attendee
12-week Series: $175/class (up to 20 Attendees, $10 each additional attendee)

Office Fundamentals
This introduction to the fundamentals of Yoga, provides a comprehensive overview of the Basic Postures and their proper alignment (supported as needed with props) and benefits, meditation and basic breath-work for reducing stress and gaining energy. In addition, attendees will learn multiple tools that they can use throughout their day to decrease stress, increase energy, and help support their posture and breath.

Duration: 1 hour

6 week Program (up to 15 Students): $750

HYS Partnership
Give your employees the valuable gift of yoga with an exclusive organizational discount on HYS 10 class cards, and monthly memberships.

We offer up to 15% off certain series and cards for participating organization's employees which can be purchased directly by employees.

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We offer a variety of workshops tailored to your organization's culture, structure, and the goals you hope to achieve.

Drawing on a Background in Organizational Psychology and multiple years of experience working as both an Employee and a Consultant, Erica Barth combines her knowledge of Yoga and extensive studies on embodiment, with an understanding of the structure of your organization and the challenges your team is facing in a variety of tailored workshops:

Yoga 101 (5 minutes to deeper breaths and less stress)
For organizations with many members new to Yoga, this kick-off workshop introducing the benefits of the practice, and how it can be used throughout the day (in under 5 minutes!) to feel more relaxed, focused, and sane—is a perfect way to kick-off an on-site program or Studio Partnership!

*Organizations hosting this workshop receive a 10% discount on any on-site series they purchase * 

Yoga and Action
“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.” This workshop is designed to jump-start you and your team into ACTION with Purpose, Flexibility, and Enthusiasm. If your team needs a bit of support and structure in order to kick off your latest project or new quarter, this workshop is the perfect way to ignite!

Conflict Resolution
This workshop is designed to help individuals and teams better understand the underlying structures and systems that drive conflict, how conflict and stress lands in the body, and how to manage stress and move through high-conflict situations with greater grace and ease.

Embodied Transitions
Utilizing the systemic lens of Organizational Psychology we will outline the transition facing your organization to understand how it affects individuals and groups, and their various business functions. We will then explore how transitions impact the body, and practice tools of Yoga and Mindfulness to learn how an Embodied Awareness can help facilitate easeful transition

Yoga and Service
In this workshop, we will determine what really ignites us in Service and how we can best serve given our unique strengths and skills. Drawing from research on the brain and nervous system, we will also learn embodied techniques that can help keep us grounded and calm so that our service is supported . Together we will practice various tools that can be used both in difficult moments, and over time to remain more resilient.

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