The Practice of Joy


Well it has been quite a year As we close out 2020, this holiday season of light is here to remind us that despite all of the sorrow, anxiety, and difficulty of the past months, there is still the opportunity for Joy.  

As the author Joseph Campbell put so eloquently, “We cannot cure all the sorrows of the world, but we can choose to live in Joy”   This is not to say that other emotions are not valid and appropriate for these times, nor to force ourselves or others to deny our lived experiences, especially for so many who are facing so much hardship.  

But for those of us who have the great privilege to be safe, healthy, and secure – it is a potent reminder of one of Yoga’s fundamental principals – Abhyasa.   Defined as a steady, sustained effort, abhyasa implies action without interruption— that is not easily distracted, discouraged, or bored.  In our asana practice, the more we practice, the more comfortable we feel and the more we WANT to practice.

Finding Joy, particularly in a year as challenging as this one, requires some similar effort.   So as we close out this doozy of a year – we invite you to take some time to practice Joy, whatever that means to you.  Dance in your living room, sing at the top of your lungs, cackle-laugh with friends and family over wine and zoom, read funny tweets online, or take a sweaty yoga class – But know that Joy is there for you and you DESERVE it!