LOVE is Action

For many of us February has come to be associated with Valentines Day, and “Love”. We are totally into rom-coms and chocolate (!!) but when we think about the idea of Love in the context of Yoga, we are not referring to the specific romantic connection between two individuals. And it does not even refer to familial bonds.  Yogic Love is “a primordial force that sustains, uplifts, and connects ALL souls to one another” (Seane Corn) 

This force of love, loving-kindness, is tied to Ahimsa, the first Yama and a foundational commitment to leading a yogic life.  Because Yamas are restraints,  Ahimsa is commonly  translated in the negative as “non-harming” . Minimizing harm in both our actions (and thoughts)  is essential.  But if we look at a more positively framed translation, which Mahahtma Ghandi suggested we think of as “a force that is more positive than electricity” it is equally important to actively spread and grow this force. 

Every day, and in every moment, our actions and thoughts can either cause suffering or alleviate it.  We can expand our connection – to eachother, to the earth, to all living creatures,  through actively spreading loving-kindness, or we can ignore or even suppress it.    In the coldest, darkest time of the year we invite you to use these Valentines day reminder of LOVE  as an invitation to continually ignite  your inner light and radiate it outward.