Kids & Family Yoga Classes in NYC

Harlem Yoga Studio is committed to being a space where the whole family can thrive!  We are thrilled to offer essential tools to help young yogis during each of the various stages of development.

Through structured play we explore self control, physical expression, and compassion towards self and others.

Pricing & Packages

Drop-In Class

$35.00 (one day)

5-Class Card

$125 (good for 4 months)

8-class card

$180 (good for 4 months)
10-class card

$210 (good for 4 months)

What are the benefits of mindfulness and movement?

Mindfulness techniques physically change the structures of the brain responsible for learning, memory, anxiety and stress. 

Embodiment practices provide effective strategies for self-monitoring behavior and emotional regulation, helping students feel at ease, in charge of their body, and ready to learn. 

Developing brains are more sensitive to the negative effects of stress, affecting attention and memory. Embodied movement combats these negative effects, while improving visual-spatial learning, working memory, decision making, and motivation. 

Mindfulness and movement have been shown to help with many mental health issues and neurodivergencies, including depression, panic and anxiety disorders, addiction, sleep disorders, ADHD and autism. 

In addition to cognitive benefits, a regular mindful movement practice improves strength, mobility, balance, metabolism, energy regulation and impulse control. 

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