Karma – The Yogic Path of Action

We hope you are staying cool and enjoying your summer! Our theme for August is Karma Yoga – or the Yogic Path of Action.  While our focus here at HYS is primarily on Hatha Yoga, which encompasses the physical asana practice, there are 6 paths of yoga focusing on everything from love, to knowledge, to mantra repetition. Karma Yoga, which means “Action” or “Deed” is the path in which one devotes themselves to others, without consideration of their own reward or ego. At its most pure form, it is believed that when one performs an action with the sole purpose of offering yourself to the task at hand, the distinction of the doer and the act of doing is destroyed and the pure egoless self can be experienced. 
Thank you, as always, for being involved and committed to our community, and the larger community out there.  We hope this inspires each of you to bring a bit more Karma Yoga into your month.