July 2018 Student of the Month – Gurline Gore

Name: Gurline Gore, and Luca
Title: “Seeker”
What do you feel is your work in this world? 
I feel my work in this world is to encourage, empower and support marginalized populations.
What is currently inspiring you ON the mat? 
What currently inspires me on the mat is knowing when challenged by life circumstances I can find
solace in my yoga practice. It feeds my physical, mental and spiritual needs helping me to regain my
sense of self.
What is currently inspiring you OFF the mat? 
What inspires me off the mat is my social activism. I’ve become more involved recently because our rights as citizens are being
infringed upon daily. I’ve always been a silent activist, but with the social changes going on in the country I can no longer sit
on the sidelines. I would like my nieces/nephews to experience the true beauty of this country; clean air/ water, pristine beaches
and the national parks. That’s why it’s up to all of us to do our part to protect and preserve the planet for future generations.