July 2015 Theme : Saucha

“The Dirt” on Saucha:

Our theme of the month of July is Saucha. Literally translated as “cleanliness” or “purity,”  Saucha, like  many of the yamas and niyamas we have shared, goes deeper than its literal translation and is concerned with keeping energies clear and distinct.  Each day we practice saucha in practical ways: showering (especially in these sticky summer months) leaves our bodies energetically uplifted and refreshed, choosing foods that are clean and easy to digest is both the healthy and conscious energetic choice, and  setting aside time to focus on our bodies and our breath in a yoga class is a definitive way to feel a sense of purity in the body and mind.  But every moment can be lived with greater purity and energetic alignment as we become more aware.  Taking a few deep cleansing breaths in the morning before we get out of bed, or perhaps each time we enter our homes, can be a small step in becoming more attuned to and protective of our energies. Choosing to spend time with those people whose presence makes us feel re-charged rather than drained is another.

As temperatures, humidity, and sometimes tempers rise, we invite you to take a few moments each day to  consciously create some clean and clear space for yourself!