January Student of the Month – Verta Maloney

Name/ Title :   Verta Maloney
laughter loving, anti racist organizing, mocha consuming, story telling, conversation starting, grown ass black mama warrior.

What do you feel is your work in this world?:  my work in this world is to be, to find and to promote peace, love and truth … with appropriate doses of rage.

What is currently inspiring you ON the mat?  on my mat i am inspired by being. simply being. accepting who i am in that moment. honoring where i am in that moment. loving my perfectly imperfect body in that moment. being in that moment.

What is currently inspiring you OFF the mat?  young people of color are currently inspiring me off the mat. they are so bold and audacious. they fear less and question more. they are fully unformed and fully open. they are hope and won’t accept empty promises. they are inspiration personified and give me faith for the future.