Jan 2019 – Creating Expansive Intentions

All new beginnings are good times to reflect, reconsider, and re-commit and the New Year is a particularly potent time to do so.  It is typically a time for Resolutions – which often look like vowing to change something about ourselves;  removing something we dislike or adding something we wish to achieve.  This can be inspiring and clarifying, but can also be a recipe for self-recrimination.  We can end up punishing ourselves for what we DO or don’t DO, or changing superficial parts of our lives without feeling a more expansive change internally.

Our theme for the month of January is INTENTION.  Setting an Intention can be more expansive and less result oriented than a Resolution – more of a mindset and less of a goal.  They can look like viewing the year with more gratitude, being more open with family, or treating our bodies with more love.   With Intentions we are looking to bring something new or different into our lives without prescribing the parameters of HOW that happens .  Its about being and feeling healthy in our bodies, rather than limiting calories or logging a certain number of hours on the treadmill.   Its about acting with true kindness rather than

About 18 months ago I (Erica)  set an intention to have a family, even if it looked different than the way I had envisioned it would.  This past October, after many twists and turns  – some of  which I pictured, and many of them not what I had originally planned, that Intention turned into the most joyous  reality in the form of baby Arlo 😉 !

Our intention for this year at HYS is to be more  present to love and gratitude, and committed to community and action.  What are your intentions?? Please let us know in the comments  below!