Its all about that Bhakti – How can we honor LOVE every day?

It’s February.  Heart shaped boxes, pink teddy bears, and jewelry ads have exploded all around us.  While for many of us it is nice to have a particular day assigned to recognizing love, the richer question is “how can we honor love every day?”

For 15 years I have relied on yoga to re-ground me.  To re-center me.  To bring me back to the most essential part of being alive.  When I am my most frazzled, my most driven, my most stressed, it is yoga that brings me back to my happy place.  Ask my husband and kids.  They’ll affirm this simple truth; when I’m grumpy it’s time to get on the mat.

So, I’ve been reflecting on how the practice of yoga and Bhakti are connected for me.   What I’ve realized is that yoga is an act of self-love.  When I take the time to be in my body, to connect to my breath, to move mindfully, and to simply focus on what is at hand, I am allowing myself a precious moment to re-set.

Our lives are often busy and full.  We’re up to big things.  We strive to slow down and be present, but sometimes it feels impossible.  Yet, we know that our greatest gift to ourselves and to the world is to cultivate that Bhakti within.  That our best strengths and gifts are dying to be shared.  And that’s only possible when we’re lovin’ ourselves up.

This pink February, prioritize yourself.  You deserve some love time.  You need it.  We all do.   Let’s be clear, love is the juiciest, most essential element to humanity.   Yes, it sounds corny.  Yes, the world is full of suffering.  AND, it’s still true.  Love is a common thread that weaves us all together.  Just go for it this month.  Ask yourself:

  •      What am I devoted to?
  •      What am I committed to loving in my life?
  •      How can I shine that Bhakti more fully into the world?
  •      And how can I hold that Bhakti more fully in my own being?

Once you’ve done some Bhakti mediation… then, make it happen.  Take it out of your head and into your world.

Do something that makes you feel amazing.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be absolutely fabulous for YOU.  Your favorite meal.  A night out.  A massage.  A hot bath.  Hours of reading in bed.  That necklace you’ve been admiring.  More yoga!! .

Remember the unfortunate reality, that self –love can be the hardest kind to nurture.  The expression that “we are our own worst critic” is often true.  So, get after it.  Devote yourself to shameless personal adoration.  It will have a powerful effect on your entire community, and thus the world.  Love yourself up, my friend.

With Bhakti, Sage


Sage B. Hobbs is a mom, an entrepreneur, a yogi , an adventurer, a lover of books (and also , Erica’s best friend since her very first class at college!).  Through her Coaching,  Sage helps women unleash their inner badass and brilliance, so they can make the difference they were born to make. You can find out more and get her weekly inspiration at

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