Yoga Is Action. HYS and Anti-Racism

The practice of Yoga can be translated as "Union" or "to Unite" with Yoga Asana providing a physical connection between body and breath as a path towards that ultimate connection with God (the Divine, Spirit ... whatever words you choose to identify that presence for yourself)  At HYS we have always felt that connection as a community - seeing the Divine within one another, is an integral part of this greater connection. This "union" that Yoga prepares us for can not be achieved through simply practicing Asana or meditation. To truly follow the Yogic path requires engaged and consistent work advocating for the safety, liberty, and peace of others.

Deeply rooted and systemic racism cannot be practiced away. So while we hope that we can all continue to find deep healing on our mats: breathing together, moving tension, sorrow, and fear through our bodies, and creating space for grief and anger, we know that there is so much more work to be done and are committed to continuing doing it.

For our white-identifying students looking for places to start, there are many incredible anti-racism educators and resources already available, this list is just a few whom we love: @Laylafsaad, @zenchangeangel, @rachel.cargle, @tamikamallory, & Dr Ibram X Kendi. We encourage you to follow them, actively engage with the resources they provide, and pay them for their work if you are able.