December Student of the Month – Kerry Moles

Name: Kerry Moles
Title: Executive Director of Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children, NYC (CASA-NYC) and yoga teacher in training.
What do you feel is your work in the world?
My work in this world is to leverage the privilege I was born with to empower people who’ve been disempowered. So far I’m working on doing this by supporting children and families impacted by domestic violence, and by trying to hold systems accountable for protecting the rights of disempowered children & families. And by raising two children who will make the world a better place! 
What is currently inspiring you ON the mat?
On the mat, I’m inspired by an amazing group of passionate, powerful and mutually supportive people with whom I’m on the HYS Yoga Teacher Training journey! 
What is currently inspiring you OFF the mat?
Off the mat, I’m inspired by my two teenagers who blow my mind on a regular basis with their insight and wisdom about the people and world around them. 
Anything else you want to share with the HYS community?
I’ve practiced at so many yoga studios and they’re all wonderful in their own ways but HYS feels like home to me – and everyone I’ve introduced to HYS also seems to feel instantly at home. I attribute this to the informal, warm and welcoming vibe, the diversity and character of teachers and students, the range of classes and the studio’s commitment to community building and social justice.