Community through Connection

Welcome to December, and Happy Hanukkah to all of those who are celebrating!  We are so grateful to be entering into another Holiday Season with all of you!  With the abundance of parties, gifts, latkes, and Christmas cookies the Holidays can be “the most wonderful time of the year”, however, they can also be stressful, isolating, and a reminder of the ways in which our lives are not “measuring up” to all sorts of (unrealistic!) expectations.   While the challenges of the holidays are legitimate, the many opportunities to connect with those you love can be truly magical, and is in our opinion the very best part of the season (…that and the cookies! ;).  To help keep our attention and intention focused on connection, our theme this month is Community Whether you spend this season with Family, Friends, or Friends that have become your chosen Family, we invite you to connect to your community with a little more intention and joy.  Perhaps you commit to taking a few deep breaths before Holiday shopping to remind yourself of the meaning and feeling behind your gift giving.  Maybe you skip a party or two so that you can connect more deeply at those you do attend.  Or maybe you commit to practicing Asana to ground and relax so that you are your best self when seeing family.  We, of course, we hope to connect with you here at HYS to move and breathe intentionally together.   In whatever ways you find to feel most calm and connected, we hope they bring you the ability to hold your loving community a little closer this month.