Back to Yoga School . . . In our Current Socially Distanced Reality

At this time of year we are typically feeling and embracing the inevitable “back at it energy” that the start of each school year brings.  This year of course, everything feels different. We had really hoped that this e-mail would be where we happily announce the start of in-studio classes again, but with group fitness classes still on indefinite hold, we are unfortunately not able to do that. 

Studio News

Given the challenges that we (and SO many small businesses)  have faced over the past 6 months, we have unfortunately had to close our smaller second studio  (Studio B). This was where we first opened Harlem Yoga Studio on 125th street over 9 years ago and it was a very difficult, though necessary, decision.  However we are doing everything we can to hold on to our Primary Studio space and are planning on re-opening with a limited schedule of (safe/ socially distant) in- person classes as soon as we are given the approval by the City to do so.

We know that the stability and energy that typically accompanies September has been overshadowed for many of us by the very real practical challenges and continued groundless uncertainty of this Pandemic. If you are a parent of a school-age kid, we feel you. If you are a teacher, we feel you.  If you are facing real financial obstacles due to the pandemic, and/or you are REALLY ready to sit in crowded NYC restaurant, bar (even subway!) again without anxiety, we genuinely feel you!  We have never been so grateful for this grounding  practice or this supportive community, and we hope that we can help provide you with support , energy, and community as we continue to come together, even while we stay 6 feet apart. 

With love, Erica & Laurel