August Teacher of the Month – Silvana Marquis

1) How did you start practicing Pilates? Tell us about your early pilates experiences. 

I’m originally a dancer – trained like crazy!  Then I graduated as a ballet teacher from Teatro Argentino, a school of art and dance.  I became a Professor of Capoeira Angola Martial Arts at the Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre Joao Grande.  Movement was always my thing.  I got curious about pilates and went to my first class thinking I would do some meditation jajajaja!  I discovered it is incredible work from my core.  Pilates fixed my posture, made me stronger, and helped with dancing and capoeira. I graduated from DNA as a Pilates Instructor.

2) How did you know you wanted to start teaching Pilates – what was your journey to becoming a teacher? 

I was a dance teacher already so pilates complemented my training and I wanted to share something that had been good for me.

3) What is your favorite and least favorite Pilates move and why? 

My favorite Pilates move is the Teaser it is like a conclusion of the whole technique.  The one that I don’t like much is the first seated position of any exercise after the first seated position everything is ok for me.

4) Other than Pilates, what practices do you use to feel more energized, connected, and centered? 

I also feel energized, connected, and centered through dance.  Dance will open my soul and my body follows.  Yoga and shiatsu help to replenish and restore me.  While Capoeira keeps me strong and alert.

5)  This month we are focused on the Yoga Yama of Santosha  – which is the practice and the presence of contentment.  What does Contentment mean to you, and how do you practice Santosha when things don’t seem to be going your way? 

I am content when I practice, teach and share the things I like and I know is good for others!  Also, seeing my students advance, that makes me content! 

Well, when things don’t go well I breathe out because I know God will let me breathe in. That’s how we are designed and created through patience and patience creates character.

6) Tell us something about teaching at Harlem Yoga Studio 

I began at Harlem Yoga Studio when my friend Nyota needed a sub for class.  Nyota and I knew each other from traveling the world together dancing.  I met Erica and her happiness is contagious!   She’s the best boss ever.  I love HYS.  I found a group of skilled and smart women that are incredible organizers.  We support each other and put love and effort into what we’re doing. Thank you all for having me.  Much love!!!