August Student of the Month – Keiya Rayne

Name: Keiya K. Rayne

Title: Life Transformation Expert, Speaker, Intuitive Healer & Citizen of the World

What do you feel is your work in the world?

I feel my work is offering Divine guidance to those who seek to manifest their dreams, fulfill their soul’s purpose and live with ease, yet feel stuck, knowing there’s an easier way, but don’t know how to find it.

What is currently inspiring you ON the mat?

On the mat – knowing that by the end of class I will receive clarity and relief for whatever challenge I may be going through. I’m continuously amazed how whenever a particular pearl of wisdom is shared during a class, it’s usually the exact message I need to hear that day. 

What is currently inspiring OFF the mat?

Off the mat, I’m currently inspired by my preparation to give a TEDx talk on theme of Fixing The World. Having been a Healer and Spiritual Teacher for as long as I can remember, the opportunity to speak on a global stage to assist in the transformation and elevation of humanity is a Divine blessing, and a dream come true. Witnessing my clients manifesting their soul’s desires inspires me to no end! The love and support of my soul-partner Victor inspires me to continue being a change agent for myself and others.

What else would you like to share:

I’ve been a part of HYS community for five years, and its been my “yoga oasis”. The warmth and kindness of every instructor makes me feel at home. I especially appreciate the diversity of classes and workshops offered by HYS, and their genuine love of community, and caring for social justice sets them apart from other studios.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?