August 2015 Theme: Bramacharya

Brahmacharya – Channel the Senses 
As we move into the heat of August we are keeping the intensity ON, and transitioning from Saucha, (our July theme focused on Purity) to Brahmacharya, which is all about channelling our energy though the senses.  Brahmacharya is not always the most popular of the Yamas as it is often defined simply as celibacy or chastity. Yes, that is part of the definition.  However, Patanjali’s yoga Sutras say:  Brahma charya pratishthayam virya labhaha” which is translated to “When Brahmacharya becomes stable then the yogin gains great energy and power.”  So the real gem here is in the energy.  The practice of yoga is ultimately one of bringing awareness and attention to our energy, and then managing that energy so that it is not wasted or drained mindlessly.  We can understand Brahmacharya more broadly as harnessing the true power of all of our senses; our body, mind, and spirit, and directing them to a deeper, and more embodied understanding of ourselves,and our world.