Aparigraha – Releasing Attachments, Letting Go, and finding delight in who we are right now!

Our theme this month is Aparigraha, or non-possessiveness (which we we have had ample opportunity to practice recently in trying not to cling to the elusive promise of spring!).  The last of the Yamas, Aparigraha’s effects can be particularly profound, and there are countless opportunities to practice.  Whether you are coveting someone else’s job, outfit, or headstand practice – there will always be someone with more and better possessions, opportunities, and abilities.  To remain unattached doesn’t mean that we must denounce our belongings, relationships, or skills, but we do need to alter our attachments TO those things.  Appreciating your career success (or headstand practice) without feeling that your self-worth is tied to it, or admiring and being inspired by someone else’s, without falling into a rabbit-hole of “I deserve it more” jealousy.   Practicing Aparigraha is more than not clinging to what we have, or coveting others. It is celebrating what is ours while remembering that change is inevitable, and looking at opportunities as expansive rather than as a zero-sum game.  Finding contentment and delight in what we have, and who we are, right now!