Kids & Family Yoga

Harlem Yoga Studio is committed to being a space where the whole family can thrive (toddlers to teens)!  We are thrilled to offer essential tools to help young yogis during each of the various stages of development.  

Through structured play we explore self control, physical expression, and compassion towards self and others.    

Yoga at our Studio hOMe

Studio classes are tailored to the children who come each week.  With many stories, songs, games, art projects, and dance breaks we explore the many aspects of yoga.  We engage in conversation that is specific and personal, yet community focused.  In addition to teaching children healthy ways to address and explore their own bodies, we aim to create healthier perspectives of self and others inside of our community. 

Our classes are structured to emphasize the things that matter most to YOU. 

In a 2017  survey to over 65 Harlem Families, these were your top values for our Yoga Community. 

  1. Emotional Intelligence and Health
  2. Socialization and Play
  3. Build Positive Relationships
  4. Development of Self-Concept and Self-Control
  5. Development of Empathy and Compassion
  6. Relaxation Coordination and Proprioception
  7. Breathing Techniques
  8. Flexibility
  9. Strength


Fridays 4:00PM – 5:00PM 

In this fun and creative after school class, kids can end their school-week well, relaxing and re-energizing while they explore the physical and mental practices of yoga. (Parents get to relax and re-energize too  – in the adult class right next door!)

Children learn about yoga through age appropriate postures, games, and songs. Classes focus on alignment to build balance, strength, coordination and proprioception as we practice from week to week. 

The concept of meditation is introduced as a means to find stillness and calm in both the body and the mind, and as a tool for exploring compassion for ourselves and others.

Through discussion, art, and collaborative play, we work towards understanding and strengthening emotional intelligence, helping students gain techniques for self-expression and self-control.

Teen Yoga! Mondays 5:45 PM – 6:45PM 

Teen Yoga is a challenging and fun class that not only demonstrates the foundation of a strong and safe physical practice, but is a safe space to explore body and mind and a deepening understanding of self. Through breath-work, movement, meditation, and discussion rooted in yogic philosophy, we explore how our personal footprint fits into our larger local and global communities.

In a place like New York City, teens are often forced to have a tough exterior, shaped by the heavy expectations and responsibilities of peers and adults alike.  In addition to safely learning challenging poses and relaxing into restorative ones, we will explore different ways to manage stress, cultivate balance and moderation and be more confident in our value towards self and towards others.


Family and Me Yoga:

Saturdays, 9:45 -10:30 AM

$175 for 10 class series/  $ 21 Drop-in (Prices include one child & one Adult)

Yoga for the whole family! Adult and Child (Toddlers and Up) learn and play Yoga together,  Using games, discussion, music, and more, children learn the basics of Yoga, both the physical movements, and the mental practice of focusing and calming the mind, while adults get to stretch, strengthen, and play with their little Yogis.

Baby & Me Yoga:

Fridays 12:30 PM – 1:45  PM

$170 for 10 class series/  $ 25 Drop-in (Prices include one baby & one Adult)

This class for mothers and newborns (infant to crawling) provides gentle stretching, deep breathing, and moving with your baby. The class is relaxed and flexible so that you can feed your baby and walk around the room whenever you need to. Postnatal yoga helps to rebuild core strength, tone back and pelvic muscles, and release tension in the shoulders and chest. Babies get their very first taste of yoga with massage and movement.  Mommies (and other caregivers) get a chance to meet eachother and build community.

Yoga in Schools

What we do:

Harlem Yoga studio offers on-site classes for students, educators, and parents.

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All classes are tailored to the developmental needs of students and  educational goals of the school. With many stories, songs, games, art projects, and dance breaks we explore the many aspects of yoga.  We engage in conversation that is specific and personal, yet community focused. In addition to teaching students healthy ways to address and explore their own bodies, we aim to create healthier perspectives of self and others inside of our larger community.

Classes can be created for in-school or after-school with a variety of program options from one-day workshops to year-long weekly series.  Classes for educators and parents can focus on self-care and embodiment as well as integrating mindfulness and movement techniques into day-to-day learning activities. 


  • Seniors under a great deal of pressure with testing and college prep- class emphasis on stress reduction, decision making, and focus.
  • 6th graders beginning to experience hormonal changes and new environments- class emphasis on finding comfort and confidence in change.
  • Teachers interested in finding more effective classroom management strategies- class emphasis on incorporating breathing and body awareness to help students self manage behavior.
  • Teachers and parents who need a moment to take a breath and a stretch for themselves- class emphasis feeling strong, present, and relaxed inside bodies and minds. 

Benefits of Yoga for the Developing Mind and Body:

  • Developing brains are more sensitive to the negative effects of stress.
  • Static and dynamic muscular strengthening and stretching, with conscious breathing can help both cardiovascular fitness and cognitive development.
  • Mindfulness techniques physically change the structures of the brain responsible for learning, memory, anxiety and stress.
  • Incorporating mindfulness into spaces of learning has been shown to improve the attitude, perception, attention and overall emotional intelligence.
  • Regular practice of mindful and interoceptive activities improve visual-spatial processing, working memory, impulse control, decision making, and learning while simultaneously reducing stress and fatigue.

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